There have been huge recent advancements in the field of AI. It has influenced us in all walks of life. We can see it around ourselves, in mobile applications, E-commerce, stock-market predictions etc. There has been lot of research in building bots which can have conversations with humans in a more natural way. This is Natural Language Processing, a specialized field of AI which deals with modelling language in such a way that it can be feasible for systems to learn, develop and understand human language. There are many applications of NLP in all possible business domains. One of them is Chat bots. Chat bots are basically algorithms which makes conversation with a user in his language, tries to understand the intent of the user and eventually make a connection and advance based on the intention. It all started earlier when you could see dialogue boxes in websites which used to welcome you and pop up some common questions of yours and some of them would even try to engage you for next couple of minutes. The recent research in fields of AI with many complex algorithms coming into play, it has been easier to understand more complex structure in natural language and understand the semantics along with the syntactic of the input user gives. You might see, there are chat bots which can interact verbally with users such as Siri, Alexa etc. Nowadays, there are mighty number of applications of chat bot in business. They have tried to implement it into their business to get deeper insights and scale their business to next level. In fact, chat bots have now become integral part of every business who deal with large customer base. It makes their operations more efficient and moreover customer satisfaction is guaranteed. With more research in this area we can see chat bots taking over almost all trivial tasks in a business, hence saving lot of effort and investment.

This area of AI requires intense research and one must continuously keep himself updated with recent developments. We develop these bots by understanding the domain requirements which is very necessary to customize our bots for our business. We are experienced researchers who strive to develop intelligent bots which can increase engagement of a user and help him gets his issues addressed.