Our Oracle practice is dedicated to helping customers align their businesses with the latest advancements in Information Technology (IT), ensuring they derive superior value from their IT and business investments.

As a platinum partner of Oracle, we have proven expertise across the expansive Oracle ecosystem, including Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, Fusion Middleware, Business Intelligence (BI) and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) products, Oracle Databases, and Industry Products. We are also at the forefront of emerging technologies, providing comprehensive solutions in Platform as a Service (PaaS), cloud solutions, and mobility.

Key Areas of Our Oracle Practice:

Superior Project Delivery:

Our Oracle practice excels in delivering high-quality projects that generate significant IT and business value for our customers. We ensure that every project aligns with the latest technological advancements to keep our clients competitive and efficient.

Comprehensive Oracle Ecosystem Expertise:

As a platinum Oracle partner, we possess extensive capabilities across Oracle’s vast ecosystem. This includes ERP applications, Fusion Middleware, BI, SOA products, and Oracle Databases.
We also specialize in industry-specific Oracle products, ensuring tailored solutions that meet unique industry requirements.

Innovative Cloud Solutions:

Oracle Cloud: Our innovative Oracle Cloud solutions have transformed the infrastructure and ERP landscape, enhancing the experience and engagement of business clients, their customers, suppliers, and employees.

Addressing Aging Technology:

We recognize that aging technology can hinder business growth. Our Oracle practice is focused on transforming every step of the value chain with modern, agile solutions that promote continuous improvement and innovation.

End-to-End Services:

On-Premise and Cloud Solutions: Our offerings encompass both on-premise and cloud-based solutions, ensuring flexibility and scalability to meet diverse business needs.
Competitive Advantage through Efficiency and Agility:

Transformative Impact:

The advent of cloud technology has revolutionized the infrastructure and ERP landscape. Our Oracle practice has been at the cutting edge of this transformation, driving improvements in business client engagement and operational efficiency. By leveraging our expertise in Oracle cloud solutions, EBS, and Siebel, we help businesses overcome the limitations of outdated technology and achieve their transformation goals.

Key Features of Oracle CX Service

Omnichannel Service Delivery:

Anywhere, Anytime Service: Oracle CX Service enables businesses to balance self-service and assisted service, ensuring customers receive personalized, seamless interactions on their preferred channels throughout their journey.
Automation and Enhanced Service Delivery:

Predictive Service Needs: Oracle CX Service leverages advanced analytics to predict service needs, automate processes, and deliver tailored responses, thus exceeding customer expectations.

Simplified Service Management:

Unified Applications: The platform provides unified applications and prescriptive user interfaces to reduce complexity for service teams in contact centers, in the field, and during in-person interactions.
Field Service Empowerment:

Oracle Fusion Financials:

Oracle Fusion Financials, part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware, offers a robust financial management solution that addresses common challenges faced by IT leaders, such as inflexible ERP deployments and poor cross-functional processes. Key aspects include:

Comprehensive and Scalable:

Oracle Fusion Financials integrates the best functionalities from existing Oracle application product lines, providing a comprehensive and scalable solution.
Adoption of Modern Architectures:

Cloud Migration and Benefits:

Move to Cloud: Organizations are increasingly migrating to Oracle Cloud to benefit from new features, financial efficiency through an OPEX model, and reduced support and customization concerns.

Analytics and Insights:

Data Analytics: The analytics division at Datalogixs Technologies helps customers derive significant insights from the data stored in the Oracle EBS suite, which boosts business value.

Lift & Shift Migration:

Straightforward Migration: The Lift & Shift method facilitates a straightforward transition to Oracle Cloud, ensuring a secure and elastic environment while enhancing user experience.